Wellness in the workplace

Wellbeing workshops, leadership & personal development coaching for start-ups, scale ups and SMEs working towards a brighter world for us all.

Transforming how we connect so we are all seen, heard and understood.

Connecting your leaders, teams and business, consciously

We help companies, their leaders and their people bridge the gap between how businesses operate and how people connect.

Through combined strategic, data-driven and holistic practices, our workshop programs help unlock and break through challenges with clarity, confidence and compassion to progress development of business and people, together.

Why workplace wellness is essential

Team wellbeing - small business

Behind every business are people. Behind every success is a team. When people come together in conscious ways, success grows and multiplies.

The Know Framework methodology taps into empowering every individual so together, they are an unstoppable, powerful force.

Through carefully and purposefully designed workshops and coaching, resistance transforms into understanding, overwhelm becomes considered actions and frustration resolves and is replaced with connection.

Underpinning all of this is conscious awareness of self and communication with others that moves people and business towards growth and success.

Workplace wellbeing in numbers


Of reporting staff are more engaged in their jobs when their leaders have undergone coaching.


Of growth is seen in companies who integrate performance enhancing cultures, learning & development in their staff.


Of staff feel mental health benefits are essential post the COVID-19 pandemic.


Of staff suspect they suffer from anxiety and/or depression but haven’t been diagnosed by or seen a professional.


Of Staff say their job represents more than just a pay-check.

“Michelle is one of the most trustworthy, switched-on people around. A rare breed, she knows her stuff when it comes to operations and teams. Uniquely she talks the talk and walks the walk.”
Sam Collett

Co-Founder, Practically.io

Staff Wellbeing Support through facilitated workshop and coaching spaces

Businesses face different challenges at different times.

Over time as teams change, goals grow and wider global evolution happens, integrating resilience and awareness is the driver that fuels consistent courage to tackle change head on – and thrive there.

Here’s a selection of popular workshop programs that have already helped businesses retain top talent, navigate challenges successfully and breed a culture of autonomy, productivity and strength.

Open Hands & Flower

Making friends with emotions

Understanding emotions within ourselves and others with clarity, care and consideration for a better workplace experience, encouraging authenticity and resiliance.

Leading through core values

Working from our core values, embracing deep connections and long-lasting relationships with colleagues, customers and beyond. Building conducive and purposeful leadership, action and reaction.

Integrating Inclusivity

 Re-designing how we include self, people and business in one ‘space’ in harmony, towards a common goal, and broadening how we approach inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Conscious Communication

Developing an openness to expressing and receiving communication from all areas within a working physical and digital environment that is compassionate, progressive and productive.

Guiding Principles


Everyone is seen & heard without judgement.


Everyone has their own voice which is respected as we all seek to understand.


Awareness & compassion drives all things, even if it feels hard.


We ask for help when we cannot see, hear or feel a way out.

“Michelle was an absolute pleasure to have as part of the team, her gregarious personality meant all of the team both respected and liked her immediately, she was proactive, patient and resilient. She was able to parachute into the business within a short time frame, and not only succeed but improve efficiency and logistics
Michelle clearly gets a lot of pleasure from the work that she does and would be an asset to any business. Luckily because of her diverse skillset and resilient mindset she would be able to suit many businesses in many disciplines at various levels. She will never disappoint.”
Nathan Hall

Founder, Cityscape

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