Spiritual Coaching Services

Navigating the waves with you as you move forward on your journey

Ways we can work together

Our journey through this experience we call life is exceptional, challenging, wonderful – it is many thing. Undeniably, it is uniquely yours.

Our journey together is about honouring all these experiences and integrating practical tools in every area of your life so every step you take is with confidence, clarity and courage.

Spiritual business private coaching online

1:1 Business Strategy Coaching

Best suited for entrepreneurs looking for bespoke strategic guidance, accountability and support.

These sessions are designed to dismantle what’s not working and build a framework that does.

Harmonising self and business, this holistic-strategic approach gives you increased confidence in your business and the practices that will keep you energised, productive and focused.

Spiritual business private coaching online

Corporate Wellness Workshops & Leaders Coaching

For companies of any size who are committed to integrating practical and supportive wellbeing and personal development initiatives. This could look like:

  • Group wellbeing & meditation sessions
  • Self development, expression & exploration sessions
  • Team training (holistic & soft skills)
  • Leadership & management 1 to 1 support and coaching


Spiritual business private coaching online

Spiritual Life Coaching

For individuals who feel the calling to deepen in spirituality

Over the course of our coaching program, we’ll draw on different spiritual modalities to build a bespoke toolkit of spiritual practice that works for you. This could include:


  • Reiki, Quantum Touch & Spiritual Healing
  • Mindfulness & Mindset techniques
  • Somatic Practice
  • Mediumship
  • EFT (tapping), NLP & CBT techniques
  • Shamanic practice
  • Meditation
  • Writing & journaling
Chart map readings

Astrological Chart Map Reading

A deep dive into your astrological blueprint and how to use this in all areas of your life to align with what looks, feels and works best for you.

This private 60 minute chart reading session with a qualified specialist, this reading highlights areas of your life where you are more likely experience challenge and where you can lean in further towards your natural gifts, so you move forward with awareness, clarity and purpose.

How KNOW Coaching Can Support You

Clarity & Awareness

Through awareness and conscious driven decision making, you move forward with alignment, clarity and strength.

Connection & love

Authentic connection

Connect to others from your own deeper sense of self and learn how to nurture and nourish your relationships.

The journey of self

Held in a supportive, sacred space, the coaching program creates a container for expression and expression.

What Clients Say

Michelle’s 1:1 coaching course and prior 1:1 sessions were truly amazing and I can honestly say they not only helped my business blossom but also helped me grow and develop as a person.
Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and guided me in setting up the logistical side of my business as well as helping me to recognise the importance of my own personal journey in order to perform effectively in the running of my business.
I came away from every session feeling excited and empowered. They also provided me with clarity and assurance and I felt Michelle was there supporting me every step of the way. It was everything I had hoped for, it incorporated spirituality with business which ultimately lead to a happier me and a more successful business. I am truly grateful.
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Sian Gibbs

Founder & CEO, Progressive Lash Pro

I’ve been working with Michelle for a little over two months [Dec 2021] & I am LIGHT YEARS from where I was before I started working with her.
Trying to find balance in my brand whilst also aiming for big growth has been something that I have been struggling with & Michelle’s help, insight, expertise has been incredible and really helped me make huge conscious decisions and actions for my business.
I’ve had such great insights not just for the business but for myself personally and honestly I can not imagine not having her in my corner going forward. You need Michelle in your life if you want balance, growth, strategy & frickin’ incredible support!
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Kath Grimmitt

Founder, Grimm Designs

I recently did a 30 min clarity session with Michelle as I was just feeling unclear and in need of some support. She was so supportive and had a clear process that she guided me through. Michelle is very intuitive and it helped that she also understood a lot of my struggles and challenges.

By the end of the session, I came out with so much more than I anticipated. I had a clear framework (and some homework, too, of course) for how to structure my time and business and what I could focus on for the next 90 days, how to break those big goals down and so much more.

I would definitely recommend working with Michelle and I’m looking forward to signing up with her for longer 🙂


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Mausam Bhanji

Founder, The Optimistic Agenda

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