This is a question I get a lot from clients, friends, family and old colleagues alike.  And in amongst the question, there is nearly always underlying feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, passion and excitement – simultaneously!


At any point in business, unless you are clear on your ultimate vision, it’s easy to get sidetracked with the noise of so many different ideas, solutions, possibilities…


And then you have a profound moment where you realise your amazing biz idea but get overwhelmed just as quickly with everything you need to do (and everything you don’t know how to do!)…


This is why it’s essential to start here, with your Self, when you’re thinking of taking the Entrepreneur path.


The beauty here is that you can create anything you want.  A blank canvas can be scary and exciting all at the same time.


“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears” – Rumi



Here are 3 things to get clear on before starting your business



Knowing What You Want

So, ask yourself and answer honestly without judgement, consequence or limitations, what do I want.

Write a list of EVERYTHING that you want.  As the Founder, this will be a whole mix of personal and business – go with it.  It could include things like:

  • To generate £X in revenue each year
  • To go on 5 holidays to new places each year
  • To provide more for my family
  • To do more charity work
  • To offer pro-bono consulting to [insert your passion-project here]
  • To provide a needed solution for [insert the challenge you’re providing a solution for]
  • To build a community online or in-person
  • Help people [insert yours…]

Don’t omit anything – write down absolutely every idea that comes to your mind; it’s all relevant.  And, wherever you can, add a number.  This could be a date, a revenue figure, a donation amount or a quality number.  This takes your vision one level deeper, provides metrics for when you’re planning and a prioritisation list for your goals.



Considering What You Need

So now you are clear on what you want, think about what you need to get things started in the next 3 months.

  • Is this need essential to launch?
  • Do I know an expert in this area of need that I can ask for advice?
  • What are the essentials that you need to acquire a customer?
  • What do you need to be doing to communicate your idea to your ideal customer?

This is where a lot of founders get stumped – because nearly all of the time it takes less action with a clear direction, rather than the more common route of ‘it takes more action and hustle with a general vision’.

Consider what the minimum value (cost and service) would be for you to buy what you are selling – put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes.



Beginning Your Research

Now with clarity on your goals, your vision and what you need to get cracking, you have the right details to run your idea by experienced people in your network for your research.  Aim to speak to at least 10 people in your network who are your idea client.

The most important aspect when conducting research around your business idea is to only ask people who are your idea client.  This might not include your family or friends, and that’s of course ok.  If they are not your ideal customer, be mindful that their advice, although coming from a place of support, is not market research and may not hold value or resonate in your ideal audience’s opinions or purchase behaviour.


Onwards & Upwards For Your Business Venture

Only when you have these 3 steps clear should you start to invest time and resources into your idea.  Not only because resources will not be wasted, but you will have much more awareness on what will help your ideal customer and therefore how to build your business strategy, marketing and sales plans to be effective and relevant.


What so many people spend time on later down the line, you’ve already grasped a deeper perspective on the shape of your business which will set foundations in place for you to move forward with more precision and ease.


Everything that is contained within your business idea is underpinned by your mindset.  Mindset is everything – the optimum mindset helps you see clearly, make better decisions, stay focused and use your time productively.  Keep a regular mindset practice to embrace your leadership role, stay energised and in your flow.




At Know Framework, what I love to do most is support you in getting more aware, more conscious and finding the ways that work for YOU using simple, effective strategies.


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