I’ve found that being in a lot of conscious communities and groups online, it’s so easy to get bombarded with different ways of mindset coaching and mindfulness.


The important part to remember is to do what works best for you, and to know what isn’t working and when to change it.


Everything we can ‘do’ is a tool – meditations, mantra’s, breathing techniques, yoga – there are many.


This ‘doing’ is simply gearing our attention towards what is good for us, what feels natural and where our peace is.


The principle and pattern that is earthed in your daily practices will repeat themselves in other ways around your environment, including your business.  If you have resistance, or challenges with finding peace, growth and clarity from a tool you use, it’s likely this is showing up in how you interact with your business, too.


I’ve witnessed people continue to struggle with techniques and tools that just don’t compliment them, in their bid to be determined to succeed and shift to a more positive mindset.  There are some tools that work for more people, but that does not mean it’s the best way for your uniqueness.



Counter-Effective Mindset

Some mindset-tool traps that are counter-effective for mastering your mindset are:

  • Using tools that HIDE what you are truly feeling – which represses, instead of releases. Not thinking deeply about what you actually need for your greater wellbeing – self care first.
  • Doing something just because someone else is, or you’ve heard it’s good from someone you look up to and admire – this doesn’t mean it will work for you.
  • Not adding variety keeps you in familiar patters – the unknown and change is how you keep moving forward and strengthen your inner navigation to make decisions. Practice change ‘safely’, so you can form a habit of facing the unknown.


I really, truly believe that the simple ways that feel good work for us best.



The 3 Core Mindset Principles

Here are 3 ways to master your mindset practices so they work for you, not against you.



Start Within

It all starts with you, the deepest part of you.  If you are meditating in the mornings to clear your mind, but find that the time was more of rest, than stillness and peace, you are experiencing what many people do when they meditate.


Our top tool to support starting within:

Leadership Mindset Cleanse




Clean House!  


If you or your team have a ‘messy’ environment (digitally or physically), it mirrors in your mindset too.  Build your ecosystem for optimum flow and alignment.


We only have 100% capacity each day.  I think of it like 100 units per day, that get replenished back to 100 units while we sleep.  The quality of the units depends on the quality of sleep, and the use of the units is determined by what we give our attention to.  Surround yourself with everything that is high value to you, your growth, your journey.


Our top tool to support cleaning house:

Business Rituals for Leaders




Steady integration


Utilise resource that feel natural for you to integrate one step at a time.


On and offline – tech and physical.

  • Reminders – set a reoccurring reminder on your phone to remind you to do something that supports your mindset work. Here are some suggestions to get you started
    • Take a break
    • A reminder you are an amazing leader
    • To come back to your centre
    • To allow everything to flow naturally
    • To find harmony in everything today
  • Screensavers & wall papers
  • Post-it note reminders. I heard a beautiful anecdote recently about a spiritual teacher who put a note in the wallet of one of his students, and it said “Make mistakes’.  This is a powerful way to keep encouraging yourself to show up for transformation, for truth, for your power.



Our top tool to support steady integration:

TEMPLATE – Planning for Success – The Know Framework



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Main Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash