A life of freedom is an ultimate desire for many. We often want to create through our work the resources and freedom to live in our best state and pass that on to our families, teams and communities. Aligning our work and self is more prevalent now than ever before, as generations are driven to have the time to experience the joys of life in new ways.

In a workfront survey, 75% of employees said their job represents more than a pay check. 

As a business owner, it’s easy to get bogged down with admin, overwhelmed with to-do lists and ultimately feel as though the effort is hard. It’s easy to get to this state when it’s a familiar pattern. If you have seen people all through your life and career saying work harder, work longer, try harder, it’s narrowing all your attention on quantity, not quality. (If this sounds familiar, check out Embodying Great operational frameworks in your business).


Out of alignment, the quality of work will suffer. The quality is born from the alignment you feel about what you are doing.  In a focus-flow state where you are aligned with your self, you can accomplish more in 1 hour of work than in 10 hours of work.




Because the action you take that is from a place of truth inside you will naturally unfold and not feel like an effort, it will feel inspiring.


Where you place your attention – the very core source of your why motivation of doing anything – dictates the outcome before you even start working.


Here are 3 Ways To Begin Working In Alignment


1. Understand Your Values


Everything we do is based on our personal values. The things you fight for no matter what – those are your ultimate driving forces.


The energy that you encompass while working for these values is powerful, so use this energy to think about what aligns succinctly with them and work towards these goals. Be clear on the values that matter to you and be committed to integrating them into your work with integrity.


The way you use language throughout your business is also a way to keep aligned and true to your values. For instance, if you have a business goal to make £50k in revenue, word your goal to match your values.  It could go something like this: “Serve 100 wonderful people in my community of designers and generate £50k in revenue to give me more financial abundance in my business so I grow, and in my life so I can experience X”.


2. Stop To Observe Your Actions And thoughts


Your inner dialogue with yourself is how we form our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions which directly drives your actions. The conversations you have with you are the most intimate conversation in your life. They are also one of the most important conversations you can have and forms the basis of everything you do, conscious and subconscious.


Your business direction takes the direction of your alignment, simultaneously.  If you’re working on something that feels even a little off-track, the alignment is off. This is a sign to pause and reflect to identify what feels off-track and re-align your activity with your values.


The more you become in the habit of pausing and being present with your feelings and sense of alignment, the more your intuitive nature becomes the habit and the quicker you can strive forward in the direction that feels right for you.


If you’re feeling like you don’t know where to begin, here’s the entrepreneurs guide to flourishing: 7 Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Make How To Avoid Them. It goes through the 7 biggest practical pitfalls Entreprenurs make and how to avoid them – get clear first, then take action.



3. Trust That You Already Know


One of the most common distractions for business owners is impostor syndrome, especially when they are on a new path and venturing into the unknown. It’s that little voice in your mind that says “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know enough yet”, “There are so many other people doing what I do but better”, “No one will buy from me”.


These thoughts are procrastinations’ best friend. They keep you stuck in a numbness and frozen mode, so moving forward feels like a much bigger step that it actually is, while all feeling very real.


Working in alignment organically puts you in the driving seat of your life, and this is your inner knowing. We all are born with inner knowing, our intuition, and all have individual paths to walk, even if something looks similar on the outside. When you’re perspective in on your values and providing value to the people you know you can support most, it dissolves any feelings of impostor syndrome.


One easy and quick way to shift perspective from focus to flow is to stop in the moment you feel out of alignment and put all of your attention inside your body where your heart is – this is your centre – and ask yourself the question, “Is this [say action/goal] aligned with me for the greatest good?”  Become aware of your body, the physical and emotional sensations you are feeling, and there you will find your answer.


The more you do this, the more your skills and knowledge will be driven by your intuition and inner knowing and get you where you need to be.  When we try and use knowledge and skills to drive intuition, we are blocking the original source – our inner knowing.



Reversing The 80/20 Rule


Everything Is A Tool.


Everything we know with our minds is a tool to aid us in creating what we want.  From a morning routine to a business plan, to tech set up, to courses we take, we are picking up tools to use that will bring to life our goals, our visions, our desires.


There are some wonderful tools out there that will support you in your journey and provide the structure and guidance you need.  Take note of what works for you so you are always optimising your surroundings and maximizing your efforts.


This is where the 80/20 rule (where 80% of your effort produces 20% of the results), begins to reverse.


It’s from this place you do more quality work in less time and build in the flow into your work and business that brings the resources you need to move forward and reach your unlimited heights.


Working with yourself first is the most essential step.




At Know Framework, I love to support you in finding your flow, tapping back into your inner knowing and helping you find the ways that work for YOU using simple, effective strategies to step into full alignment in your personal and business journey.


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Here’s the entrepreneurs guide to flourishing: 7 Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Make How To Avoid Them.


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