Conscious Coaching Programmes

Helping entrepreneurs launch, grow and elevate their service-led businesses on and offline, the conscious way.

Ways we can work together

Each of the programmes are based on the Know Framework 6-step method and are tailored to delve strategically deeper as we work together 1:1 on your journey and business.

There are 3 programmes and the one that’s right for you will depend on where you are in your business and what your looking to work towards in the next 3 months.


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Take-Off: The programme for new entrepreneurs

This starter programme gets your foundational elements sorted, getting you on the road and moving forward with clarity and confidence. Some of what we cover:

      • Vision & mission
      • Business essential planning 
      • Starter data metrics & tracking
      • Aligning your self, strategy and tech
      • Ideal client strategy 
      • Market research strategy
      • Sales strategy

Journey forward: The programme for entrepreneurs wanting to improve consIstEncy & Stability

This programme builds on your existing set up to increase efficiency, productivity, visibility and revenue. We focus on working on what matters, without the overwhelm and confusion. Some of what we cover:

      • 90-day strategic business plan
      • Analysis, data metrics & tracking
      • Delegate, automate, cleanse and alignment
      • Ideal client strategy – deep-dive & analysis
      • Marketing & sales strategic analysis


accelerate: The programme for Entrepreneurs wanting to Expand and elevate.

In accelerate, we work to get you expanding your existing strategy and revenue by layering your existing offerings and business activity and team. Some of what we cover:

      • Strategic relationships & team expansion

      • Business roadmap
      • Deeper inner personal growth work
      • In depth data analysis
      • Marketing, content and nurturing
      • Ideal client niching and out reach (in-depth)

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Conscious mentoring: The programme for entrepreneurs wanting ongoing 1:1 mentoring support

Ever the journey, in this bespoke programme we address what’s happening for you each session and work through any blocks and frustrations as well as celebrate and optimise successes. This delves into the long-term strategy as well as short term business and personal goals. 


What The Know Framework coaching Programmes helps you to achieve

Clarity of purpose

By using a framework yourself, you create a platform for inspiration, creativity and fulfilment in your own life.

Enriching relationships

Connecting with others is what kickstarts our learning, development, and satisfaction personally and professionally.

Quality. Always.

Your most valuable assets are time and attention. Get focused so you can use yours on what counts.

Your Goals

Consistent practices achieve results. Take action, generate momentum and build a personal toolkit for your own success.

Ready for growth?