Hi there, I’m Michelle!

I’ve always had this feeling that there’s something more at play that we just can’t quite see, but we can feel…

A Journey Where Spirituality Meets Business

How an energised, optimistic lil’ lady born in North London found her spark…

Young and younger Michelle

Embracing the journey

I remember sitting in class at primary school, year 4, eight or nine years old, learning about the solar system, the planets and the earth. Out of nowhere, I experienced a feeling that would set me on a very conscious spiritual path forever: There is something bigger at work here, an energy, a guidance, that we cannot comprehend, nor can we resist.

My question to the teacher was, “Is there something about where the planets are when we are born that means we are all different?

And so my path was lit up, ready for me to explore and discover.

Discovering my passion for business

Jumping forward a few years and having focused on music and creative arts at school, off I went to Uni. After graduating with a BA Hons Theatre Arts Degree, I stepped into the wild world of business. Serendipitous events found me in an independent property company in West Hampstead where I would learn more about myself that I could ever imagine, work alongside experienced life-changing mentors, discover my love for business and find out just how important it is to have a supportive and connected team around you – and that together, they achieve amazing things.

I was loving my job in Business Development & Ops but was saddened by how some friends really didn’t enjoy their work. After hearing some unpleasant stories, my next life-altering experience came in. I thought, “How wonderful would the world be, if people we’re just kinder to people? If we are all more aware of one another, if we bring spirituality into business, is this possible?

My answer was YES!


Michelle's business career journey
How the Know Framework was started

The Know framework was born

I had a little notebook of thoughts, musings, quotes (remember all the little sayings you used to write on the inside of your file binders at school? Mine was full of life and spiritual quotes, philosophy and inspiration for life). On one of the pages, written 10 years earlier when I was in my early 20’s, was this:

A Business is successful when these 3 things come together:

  • Knowing yourself (awareness)
  • Knowing your people (connection)
  • Knowing your business (action)


And so, the Know Framework came to life with a purpose to connect people and business in conscious, heart-led and meaningful ways.

 A Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery

Following the call to discover that deeper sense of life, uncountable experiences crossed my path for my own spiritual learning, healing and development. My mum, who had trained as Reiki Healer and Spiritual Medium, supported my journey of spirituality from a young age. She would take us to the library at the weekends where I would be found reading astrology books – and it’s touched everything I have done since. 

Now a Reiki Master Teacher and Medium myself, I love bringing these modalities, as well as astrological chart mapping, Shamanic practices and energy work to all I do and how I connect to people and the world.

Together, business and spirituality combine to create places where we can connect and create, consciously, for a kinder world and enriching experiences for everyone.


Michelle Milner-Eradhun - Master Reiki Teacher


“Focus more on your inner journey than you do anything else. Then, anything outside is possible.”

Heart-led Values


Because through vulnerability, we are at our strongest.

Connection & love


Because in Truth, we discover the depth and impact of our life path.


Because compassion is the place where we see, heal and love.


Because with courage, you can face everything in your path.


Because when we drop resistance, we welcome flow and purpose.

Let’s stay connecteD!

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