Introducing The Know Framework

Know your goals. Know your people. Know your business.
Helping scale ups & SMEs get their operations & people working smarter, together.
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What we do

​Without integration, strategies fail.  Without the right people, capabilities and analysis, strategies never reach their full potential.  The Know Framework provides an effective, scalable methodology that grows your business through smart operations, powered by your people.

With over 11 years experience in strategy, operations, and culture, we support start ups, scale ups and SMEs through change and transformation. Our service is fully remote, so we can serve you wherever you are.


The methodology is based on 3 core principles:

Know Your Goals

Our Know Strategy session

Transform your operations

Strategy & Implementation


Personal and Business coaching

What is The Know Framework?

Helping you achieve operational excellence through automation, resilience and connectivity.

The Know Framework says No to restrictive operations and performance that holds you back.

How it works

The methodology is based on 3 core principles:

Know Your Goals

Know Your Business

Know Your People

Every company is made up of their own unique ecosystem.
All have micro ecosystems of their own…
And getting around looks like this…
With the right tools, analysis, and integration strategies, you get working smarter, together. And it looks like this:

Our Mission

Get operations and teams working smarter, together.

The Know Framework is on a mission to transform the way operations and teams connect their people and operations.

At its core, our methodology powers people, to power operations, to accelerate growth.

A true test of stability is how teams adapt through change. We’re supporting leaders and their teams in harnessing their capabilities in a way that matters. We leverage technology and talent to create an optimised operational environment and enhanced team culture, so you have what you need to keep performing at your best.

Ready for transformation? 

The Know Framework can help you…


Know Your Framework

Our Services

We support our clients to implement and integrate effective operational and culture frameworks, so they can work smarter, take action where it counts and build an environment that promotes growth.

Operational Transformation

Unlock an operational structure that tangibly enhances what you do.

1-1 Coaching

A coaching solution that produces measurable results for you, your staff and your business.

Why, and Why Now?

Now is always the right time for being the best you can be. There is countless content on what makes a business succeed, qualities of great leadership, how to increase morale, the optimum way to structure operations; the list goes on.

What is certain is that everything is constantly in motion, and forever changing. And what is also certain, is that every business has a unique ecosystem.

What makes you succeed?

Knowing your goal

What makes you operate at 100%?

Knowing your business

What makes you engage your team?

Knowing your people

What the Know Framework does differently is it addresses all of these factors succinctly in a way that is practical, effective and scalable.

From Start-ups and SMEs

We have 11+ years of experience transforming businesses like yours.

“Michelle is one of the most trustworthy, switched on people around. A rare breed, she knows her stuff when it comes to operations and teams. Uniquely she talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Sam Collett

Co-Founder, and HiP

“Michelle was an absolute life-saver. I needed a replacement for a fundamental position within the business almost immediately. Thankfully due to Michelle’s situation at the time she was able to parachute into the business within a short time frame, handover from the existing manager, understand the role and not only succeed in it but improve the efficiency and logistics of the position… She will never disappoint.”

Nathan Hall

Managing Director, Cityscape Recruitment

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