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Unleashing the power of soulful business

I’m on a mission to change how we approach and do business.

Conscious businesses lead to more conscious leadership and connection, which leads to a better world for us all. This isn’t about compromise – it’s about the harmony between self, people, business & the earth.

By infusing effective business strategies and a spiritual-based approach, we not only build deeper and stronger relationships and feel more confident in ourselves to achieve greatness, we create a space for a better today and a much better tomorrow.

The Know Framework Method


Through step-by-step business coaching and grounding workshop experiences,  The Know Framework connects and aligns you, your business and your clients together. Supporting you in navigating personal and business challenge and change, you have what you need to move forward with clarity and confidence.

The Know methodology is based on 3 core principles:

Know Your self

Your vision, mission and goals for your life and business, connected and aligned together.

Know your People

Authentic connection with your ideal clients and all business relationships that support your mission.

Know your business

Implementing conscious strategies that get you in flow and working smarter, not harder.

Why, and Why Now?

The world is in a constant flow of change, and so are we.

Business are in need of transformation, and that can only begin with the people who power them.

Coaching for leaders see:


Increase in Work Quality


Higher Customer Satisfaction


Higher Operational Efficiency


Success With Accountability

What the Know Framework approach does differently is to blend practical and effective ways of awareness and well-being inside the business that produces tangible results on the outside. The method combines proven business and self-development modalities so they align, harmonise and expand, together.

Spiritual Business Coach - Michelle Milner-Eradhun

Hi there Beautiful Soul,

I’m Michelle!

Conscious Business Strategist & Spiritual Mindset Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Astrologist & Healer. My own sacred calling is helping soulful humans discover theirs.

Having worked alongside successful business owners since 2009 and developed spiritually for longer, I’ve combined the best of both in my coaching, with conscious awareness at the forefront.

Freedom of thought, expression and experience is what I advocate for and connecting together though the journey is my joy. I believe no-one needs to walk through life alone, we’re all better when we come together.


Are you ready to get conscious?


Conscious communication and business starts with awareness of self and others.

It’s not about avoiding the challenges, it’s about going through them with courage, clarity and compassion.

And that begins with you.

Here’s my free guide to freeing your mind in 5 steps in 5 minutes – getting you from mentally-emotionally charged to super-conscious-charged.


Some words from clients…

“Michelle’s 1:1 coaching course and prior 1:1 sessions were truly amazing and I can honestly say they not only helped my business blossom but also helped me grow and develop as a person.

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and guided me in setting up the logistical side of my business a well as helping me to recognise the importance of my own personal journey in order to perform effectively in the running of my business.”
Sian Gibbs

Founder, Progressive Lash Pro

“Michelle is one of the most trustworthy, switched on people around. A rare breed, she knows her stuff when it comes to operations and teams. Uniquely she talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Sam Collett

Co-Founder, Practically.io and HiP

“I would like to recommend Michelle’s services as she has been the most outstanding coach I had. Concretely, she offers me spiritual coaching but it impacted my life in so many levels.

She accompanied me in my journey and coached me to realise what I truly want and who I truly am. Currently I feel very much connected with myself and the world, and my professional and romantic paths changed completely with those realisations too. They boosted into what I want and feels right for me. Michelle gave me book recommendations, healing therapy tips, meditations, healing music; so many tools that helped me connect with myself.

I will definitely recommend her services in every single level, she offers a high quality standard service and she really gets involved and has passion for her job. Do not hesitate!”

Alba Jover Ribes

Senior ICU Nurse, NHS

“I’ve been working with Michelle for a little over two months & I am LIGHT YEARS from where I was before I started working with her. Trying to find balance in my brand whilst also aiming for big growth has been something that I have been struggling with & Michelle’s help, insight, expertise has been incredible and really helped me make huge conscious decisions and actions for my business. I’ve had such great insights not just for the business but for myself personally and honestly I can not imagine not having her in my corner going forward. You need Michelle in your life if you want balance, growth, strategy & frickin’ incredible support!”

Kath Grimmitt

Founder, Grimm Designs

“Michelle was an absolute life-saver. She was able to parachute into the business within a short time frame, and not only succeed but improve efficiency and logistics… She will never disappoint.”

Nathan Hall

Managing Director, Cityscape Recruitment

I recently did a 30 min clarity session with Michelle as I was just feeling unclear and in need of some support. She was so supportive and had a clear process that she guided me through. Michelle is very intuitive and it helped that she also understood a lot of my struggles and challenges.

By the end of the session, I came out with so much more than I anticipated. I had a clear framework (and some homework, too, of course) for how to structure my time and business and what I could focus on for the next 90 days, how to break those big goals down and so much more.

I would definitely recommend working with Michelle and I’m looking forward to signing up with her for longer 🙂

Mausam Bhanji

Founder, The Optimistic Agenda

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